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An inventory is a binding legal document that provides an accurate written record of the condition and contents of a property at the beginning of a tenancy.  Some landlords do not realise that although descriptions can appear uncomplimentary, it is those descriptions that will allow them to prove whether a tenant caused damage or is liable for cleaning costs.

At a Check-in, an Independent Inventory Clerk inspects the property and compares it to the inventory. Any variations seen are noted on the inventory.

If there have been significant changes to the property since the inventory was last used it is likely that a new inventory will be required. Landlords are advised to give fair notice to their clerk if this is the case to allow sufficient time for the job. If in doubt, consult your clerk.

In order to authenticate the inventory it must be signed by both the landlord and tenant or their representative. The 'master inventory' (that agreed at the Check-in) should be kept safe for use at the end of the tenancy or in the event of a dispute.

At the end of the tenancy a Check-out inspection is carried out. Notes are made on the 'master inventory' of any variations since the Check-in. An inventory clerk will then list the significant differences on a Check-out report.

Cleaning is often a major area of dispute. Landlords and tenants are advised to retain all receipts relating to cleaning and repairs carried out before or during a tenancy.

It should be noted that an Inventory Clerk cannot comment usefully on any alterations or additions made after the Check-in unless he/she was instructed to revisit the property in order to examine these changes at the time they were made. The Check-out report is the basis for most claims made by landlords. A claim is most often viewed more favourably if compiled by an independent and unbiased party such as an Independent Inventory Clerk, particularly in a Court of Law.

The Mid-tenancy Inspection takes place at an agreed interval during the tenancy (usually after the first 3 months and then every 6 months thereafter). Landlords and Agents find these interim visits helpful in deciding whether to offer an extension of a tenancy and in monitoring the ongoing condition of the property. Once you have booked the Inspection we will contact the Tenants to notify them of the date and time of the inspection. We will attend the property and compile a report summarising the general condition of the property and how it is being kept, looking specifically for any signs of leaks, any damage, repairs for the attention of the landlord. We will also record whether the gardens are being maintained.

Six Monthly Updates
At each six monthly intervals, the landlord can instruct us to re-inspect the property.  An appointment can be arranged with the tenant.

At Platinum Inventories we appreciate that property managers, landlords and tenants alike want a tenancy to run as smoothly as possible.  We are here to facilitate that wish by providing you with an unparalleled service

*Reports will be delivered within 48 hours of a Mon-Fri working week.
  If for some reason a report will take longer than 48 delivery, you will be informed asap.
**Sunday bookings, bookings before 8am and after 6pm may incur an additional charge.

Why have an Inventory

From 6th April 2007 ALL deposits taken by landlords for Assured Shorthold Tenancies in England and Wales MUST be protected by a tenancy deposit protection scheme.

Landlords in England and Wales who fail to comply with the new law could be ordered by the courts to pay the tenant a penalty of 3 times the amount of the deposit.

If at the end of a tenancy the landlord and tenant cannot agree on the amount of deposit being returned (after deductions for damage or cleaning etc) the parties will go through the dispute service of the scheme that they have entered.

In such cases an inventory is now an essential proof of the contents of the property and in what condition the property was in at the start of the tenancy.

A check out report documents the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy in relation to the inventory and check in report (where present)

Do not think that because your property is unfurnished you do not need an inventory. The Inventory provides information about the condition of the property as well as the contents.


Why use us

• 48 Hour delivery of reports* - This fast turnaround time allows you to forward reports on to landlords and tenants, settle any possible disputes and verify and file the reports as soon as possible.

• Weekend bookings and out of office hours bookings available** - We understand that some tenancies will finish on weekends or that tenants may want to schedule a check early or late in the day around their working hours.  We aim to facilitate this as best we can.

• Free digital pictures - Pictures of any items that are particularly defected will be taken and general pictures of the property will be taken for check-outs and check-ins.

Fully insured - In the event of any damage caused while on site, Platinum Inventories are fully insured.
• Quality and Detail of reports - We endeavour to create the highest quality, most detailed and accurate reports within the industry.  All of our staff our trained to the highest standard and have worked within the lettings and sales industry. All reports are proof read to maintain quality control. 

• Competitive prices - If you compare our prices to our competitors you will find we are very competitively priced in the region, whilst offering a superior service.

• Professionalism at all times - Fixed infrastructure means that your account details will always be available if you have any questions and we are always happy to help.

• No VAT- as Platinum Inventories are not VAT registered all prices quoted do not have VAT added on top. The price you see is the price you pay.